Occam's Stubble
Electronica meets prog rock in a musical antidote to Occam's Razor

A joyful upbeat piece inspired by Berrogüetto

Rhythm of the Spheres
A song about our wanton disregard for the planet

Ad Homines
The world is full of lovely people. It's also full of wankers. The wankers are usually in control. This is a cynical song about the contribution not made by them to the advancement of civilisation

Find Our Way Home
An examination of my relationship with the north of England as a southerner

Like This
My vegan anthem

I No Longer Steal
A setting of the poem I No Longer Steal From Nature by the 11th-century Arab philosopher Al Ma'arri

I Met an Angel
A tale of love found on the internet and quickly lost in real life

Dulvanger Curve
I'm not quite sure what this is about. Unlike everything else on this page it didn't originate as music in my head but started as a kind of doodle in Cakewalk Sonar. I have however tried to weave some ideas that were in my head into it. It sounds as though it's trying to capture a nightmare so I'll go with that for the moment

The Death of the Rheingold
An exploration of depression, hopelessness and suicidal tendencies through the eyes of a virtual adventure game persona

Paper Thin
An attempt to explore the world as it might be seen by a sociopath. It's a very difficult project in terms of the lyrics and it may not see the light of day for a long time




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