The best thing I've ever done is The Ballad of Deep Lock which you will find in the Folk Ballads section.


My first few recordings - getting the hang of what I can do with the software.
Last updated Jul 2016  
Hardcore Trilogy
Three instrumentals that are a little more hard-edged, with industrial overtones.
Last updated Jul 2019  
Love Songs from the 1970s
Some old songs I wrote in the 70s given a 21st century makeover.
Last updated Jun 2019  
Miscellaneous Instrumentals
Styles ranging from industrial to jazz, with much in-between.
Last updated Jun 2023  
Folk Ballads
Folk music for the 21st century.
Last updated Jul 2022  
Songs with a Message
Political, social, environmental.
Last updated Sep 2021  
Film Soundtracks

Last updated Aug 2021  
Postcard from the Lorelei
My first album
Variations on a Theme
My own interpretation of other composers' works
Last updated Sep 2021