The best thing I've ever done is The Ballad of Deep Lock which you will find in the Folk Ballads section.


My first few recordings - getting the hang of what I can do with the software.
Last updated Jul 2016  
Hardcore Tetralogy
Four tracks that are a little more hard-edged, with industrial overtones.
Last updated Jul 2019  
Love Songs from the 1970s
Some old songs I wrote in the 70s given a 21st century makeover.
Last updated Jun 2019  
Miscellaneous Instrumentals
Styles ranging from Baroque to jazz, with much in-between.
Last updated Feb 2019  
Folk Ballads
Folk music for the 21st century.
Last updated Jan 2018  
Tracks that are hard to define.
Last updated May 2019  
Film Soundtracks

Last updated May 2019