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Summer Came

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The Phantom Zephyr

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Cleopatra's Teeth

Jump (from a broken country, without a parachute)

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The Death of the Rheingold

Dulvanger Curve

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Find Our Way Home

Like This

I No Longer Steal

I Met an Angel


Film Soundtracks

A bit more hard-edged than most tracks I've written so far, this has been simmering in my head for a few years. I made a shortened version of it for the soundtrack of the film A Humble Station?, but always intended to record a full version, and here it is. It's inspired by two somewhat insignificant notes in John Adams' Hoodoo Zephyr, and more substantially by Terry Riley's Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band.

It features yet another experiment with time signatures. In the middle of the piece, and again near the end, a saxophone plays in 7/8 time over the track's regular 3/4.

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