The Eyes of Tapio

The Eyes of Tapio


Dixie Sketches

Summer Came

The Ballad of Deep Lock

Purple Skies

Those Dark Walls


The Phantom Zephyr

Simon's Journey

Cleopatra's Teeth

Jump (from a broken country, without a parachute)

Rhythm of the Spheres

The Death of the Rheingold

Dulvanger Curve

Occam's Stubble


Ad Homines

Find Our Way Home

Like This

I No Longer Steal

I Met an Angel


Film Soundtracks

My starting point was this painting by Sue Cordingley, which I see as a dark mysterious forest. The black 'holes' are portals into the inner soul of the forest. Or perhaps trombones. Or perhaps the eyes of Tapio, the Finnish god of the forest. I set out to interpret the painting in music as a static object, but in the end it turned out to be an exploration of how the image might evolve if it was alive.

The music starts in a restless and mysterious forest in the middle of the night. After a while in the early hours of the morning the forest quietens and becomes more peaceful. Then suddenly the portals open with a fanfare, followed by a short period of nervous anticipation, before the inner spirit appears and the forest is bathed in light. Finally the music ends in a riot of colour, incorporating some of the soundscapes heard earlier in the piece.

There are quiet passages and quite a few subtle interplays between various sound textures, so it's recommended that you listen on a sound system that enables you to hear the full range of the music.

© Alan Wrigley 2016