The Eyes of Tapio

The Eyes of Tapio


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Summer Came

The Ballad of Deep Lock

Purple Skies


The Phantom Zephyr

Simon's Journey

Cleopatra's Teeth

Jump (from a broken country, without a parachute)

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My starting point was this painting by Sue Cordingley, which I see as a dark mysterious forest. The black 'holes' are portals into the inner soul of the forest. Or perhaps trombones. Or perhaps the eyes of Tapio, the Finnish god of the forest. I set out to interpret the painting in music as a static object, but in the end it turned out to be an exploration of how the image might evolve if it was alive.

The music starts in a restless and mysterious forest in the middle of the night. After a while in the early hours of the morning the forest quietens and becomes more peaceful. Then suddenly the portals open with a fanfare, followed by a short period of nervous anticipation, before the inner spirit appears and the forest is bathed in light. Finally the music ends in a riot of colour, incorporating some of the soundscapes heard earlier in the piece.

There are quiet passages and quite a few subtle interplays between various sound textures, so it's recommended that you listen on a sound system that enables you to hear the full range of the music.

© Alan Wrigley 2015





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