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The Eyes of Tapio


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Summer Came

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I wrote this song in 1976 and made a primitive recording of it at the time. In 2015, while making a film about Branwell Brontë, I borrowed the theme for a short instrumental accompaniment to a sequence in the film and I liked the way it sounded with modern technology, so I decided to record the whole song.

Musically this is virtually identical to my 1976 recording, except that this has been produced in a DAW with modern virtual instruments, whereas the earlier version was recorded on a domestic tape recorder with an acoustic guitar, a home-made fuzzbox, and a variety of instruments salvaged from junk shops and jumble sales, including an electric guitar whose frets were almost worn flat and a pair of maraccas instead of drums.

I've grown tired of apologising for the fact that I can't sing, so unless anyone volunteers to replace my vocals, tough. I'm a composer, not a singer.

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